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WORD & DEED INDIA Post bag-1, Hayatnagar Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India - 501505
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Word & Deed India project began with Relief and Rehabilitation of leprosy victims in the year 1984 under the guidance of Thomas Nathaniel Katta. Initially the leprosy patients were given ration when they were found begging on roads. Ration was distributed from two centers (Ghasmandi and Moulali). Most of the leprosy patients did not have shelters and their lives were pathetic and miserable with lack of medical facilities. Many of them were going begging on the roads.

With the financial support of Woord en Daad, the Netherlands, Bethesda campus was established with shelter homes, life-skill training units, and hospital for the leprosy patients. 120 leprosy victims and their families have been rehabilitated in the Bethesda campus and are being provided with shelter, ration, clothes, medical care, skill training and education for their children. Many of the leprosy patients were trained in various skills such as weaving, tailoring, electrical repairs, carpentry, shoe-making, soap making, plastic bag making.

Some time later, the need was felt to integrate the leprosy patients in the society.   In this process, we applied to Woord en Daad, for the construction of houses for the leprosy patients. Our donors gracefully accepted the proposal and we could build 65 houses at Shanthinagar, which is just three km away from Bethesda campus. Another 32 houses were constructed at Kalanagar colony. Now all the leprosy patients have been provided with houses at Shanthinagar and Kalanagar colonies. We have started branch of Word & Deed School at Begumpet village as per the need and the request of the villagers. As there are no full-fledged English medium schools in this area, many children are being benefited through this School. As of now have strength of 320 students from L.K.G to IV classes. We are providing mid-day meals, books & stationary and two pairs of uniform and one pair civil dress for all the children. The children are attending this School from 14 villages and we are providing transportation for the children and the staff through two buses, which are very convenient. As the classrooms are not sufficient we are planning to construct 12 classrooms to meet the requirements at present and also in the future.

We are providing non-formal technical training for the 270 un-employed youth. The courses offered through the VTC are Computers, Radio & T.V mechanism, Motor rewinding & Home appliances repairs, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration, Tailoring, Carpentry, Auto electrician, Welding, Auto mechanic. Apart from theory classes VTC trainees are involved in various practical works. Tailoring unit trainees stitched civil dresses, welding & carpentry trainees are involved in maintenance works like repairing doors & windows, and furniture repairs at school and VTC.

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