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Sree Saraswathi Vidya Mandir, No.9 , Vanivilas Road, V.V.Puram, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560 004
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Starting from scratch, way back in 1950 on Oct 2nd (Gandhi Jayanti Day), with nine pupils, SSVM has steadily grown from strength to strength with the patronage of the parents, into a huge institution, catering to the educational needs of   over  5000 pupils at present assisted by a band of 260 competent teachers and Secretarial staff. In    has   spread its wings like a benign Banyan tree with 5 branches in Bangalore and two rural units in Kannada Medium, one  at Bhoothenahally, near Banneraghatta National Park, catering to the educational   needs of  tribals and economically   disadvantaged sections of society and the other at Parswaganahally, Kolar Taluk, for the rural children. All these institutions are providing education of optimum   quality at affordable cost to the parents, both rural and urban. All  the infrastructural facilities are provided, which include spacious buildings, will-equipped laboratories, libraries, computer-centres and audio-visual units.

The rural school complex at Parswaganahally boasts of a spacious building (granite construction) worth 20 lakhs with 7 acres of playfield around it and a stadium and rent-free quarters for teachers. One note worthy and unique feature is that all the infrastructural facilities costing about eight crores have been provided by the Management out of its resources without collecting any capitation fee or donations from parents. Of course, the State Government and the   Education Department deserve the   Management’s gratitude for their ready cooperation and unreserved appreciation of the philanthropic outlook of the Organisation.

Education imparted is not just confined to 3-Rs. Efforts are constantly made and programs are meticulously   planned to offer a variety of activities to children for their total   personality development making sure that   all   their physical and mental faculties are exercised and not just their linguistic and mathematical logical abilities alone. Despite our preoccupation with ‘polishing pebbles’, we have taken   care to see not to ‘dim diamonds’ – we have special programs for the exceptionally talented children for providing them challenging tasks and   opportunities for  innovation.  Our   academic   achievements   are entirely due to the dedicated service of the teaching fraternity. 

Cultural activities are dove tailed into the academic program of schools to make learning interesting and enable children to discover and cultivate their innate talents. Thus learning, in our schools, has become an enjoyable activity and not an unavoidable drudgery. Nursery education is given a pride of place in our scheme of things, as we believe in ‘catching children young’. 

Though all the teachers recruited are trained, they are continually provided orientation and guidance to hone their teaching talents and enrich their knowledge, so that they assume their roles as facilitators and resource-persons very effectively.

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