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National Academy for Learning - NAFL,III Cross, III Block, Basaweswaranagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560 079
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National Academy for Learning is a school in Banglore, started
by Dr. K.P. Gopal Krishna. It is part of National Public Scholls and offers both CBSE and IGCSE syallbi to students. It also offers the sixth form CBSE program for Grades 11 and 12 in the science stream. 


National Academy for Learning - NAFL has a very good faculty who take utmost care of students. Since the number of students is comparatively smaller, individual attention and help is effectively provided which ensures the prosperity of every student in the school. NAFL promotes the concept of interactive learning in class-rooms encouraging students to question while they learn. Students are encouraged to participate in Sports and Cultural activities in tandem with their academics and stresses on the overall development of the individual. 

School work and co-curricular activities

Students are expected to participate in co-curricular activities; of particular importance is the NAFL Day. Considerable preparation, planning and execution of a variety of programs during the NAFL Day help children to unearth hidden talents. There are a number of other scholastic (such as the Spelling Bee, Quiz competitions, Math olympiad) and non-scholastic activities (such as field trips) in which children can exhibit their talent.

Students at NAFL are subject to continuous evaluation and take examinations for each term. There are two terms. There is home assignment, though project work is typically assigned. 


National Academy for Learning - NAFLoffers a library, a computer lab, and a fully-equipped science laboratory. There are also mini-sports fields, with two basketball courts which can be converted into a small soccer field where toddlers can play. The school takes part in many scholastic events, such as the BCCQ, and the Scholastic National Art and Writing Awards, both of which award participation certs to students of NAFL. NAFL encourages their students to participate in as many events as possible.


The first year it must be paid in foreign currency or equivalent, first year $3000, second $2150 and the third year is the local prevailing rate. A local student would pay upwards of Rs 90,000 (approximately $2000).

The student government

The student government body is headed by the school Head Boy and Head Girl. Additionally, there is a Sports Captain, House Captains. There are also trained library squads composed of students who are trained to assist the librarian.


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