Carmel Convent School

41,Gariahat Road, Dhakuria, Kolkata, West Bengal, India - 700031
About Carmel Convent School

Carmel Convent (Primary and High) School is an all-girl Catholic institution located in Kolkata, India. The school aims at the education of the surrounding Catholic community and extends its service to members of other communities to the extent possible. The school stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and the service of people as modelled on Jesus Christ.

Carmel Convent School is a Christian school established and administered by the Apostolic Carmel Education Society of West Bengal in the Roman Catholic Church. The school is under the religious jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Bishop in Kolkata.

Carmel Convent High School is an English medium school, Bengali and Hindi are also taught.

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